Lilac is a lovely colour but not always an easy option! Brides (and grooms) who love lavender and would like to use lilac as their primary colour on their wedding day should be very careful about not to exaggerate it as lilac is a one of the strongest colours among all the pastels.

What we offer for engaged couples looking for lilac wedding ideas would be to add some touch of lilac to their wedding day by using it in some little details and leaving the rest white (and green if you’re planning to have a garden wedding or an outdoor wedding in some sort of).

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How can you use lilac in your wedding? How to style your wedding day with lilac? How to plan a lavender theme wedding? Firstly bridesmaid dresses! They definitely should be in lilac. You floral designer can also add a bit of lavender but not in everything, just a little touch of it would look great. Maybe the mom of the bride could also wear a beautiful dress that is lilac and that’s all.

Another lovely detail that would complete your lilac wedding without standing out too much would be to order your wedding invitations in lilac. As your guests receive their wedding invitations beforehand and the invitations can generally not be seen in the wedding venue, that would be a nice and sweet detail everybody will remember later on.

Floral: The Bloom of Time
Photography: Natalie Schutt Photography
Wedding Invitation: Blush Wedding Invitations

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