New in Store: Caroline Floral Vellum Invitations

Our new invitation collection has one of the most beautiful additions lately: Caroline Floral Vellum Invitations. Caroline is classy, elegant, minimal and very pretty with its beautiful floral belly bands and floral envelope liner details. The perfect choice for brides looking for spring wedding inspiration, Caroline Floral Vellum Invites are impressive with their bloomy look and soft pastel colours.

As with most of our invitations, you can customize Caroline Floral Vellum Invitations with different envelope liners and belly bands options to create a different impression. Darker colours on your invitations will create a stronger and more modern impression on your guests, while softer colours and floral liners will create a much softer impression. Caroline’s natural looking calligraphy detail makes it a perfect option for couples looking for classic invitations for their classic weddings, while its minimal design lets you have the contemporary soul in your invites.

If you cannot decide how your wordings should be in your Caroline invites, please check our invitation wordings suggestions.

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Red Wedding Ideas

Red Weddings look fabulous! You want to have one? Here are a few tips for your Red Wedding!

Red Weddings can be difficult to plan as red is a very strong colour and weddings are events that should look soft and fairy. But we have a few tips for your red wedding and these red wedding ideas will make your wedding day look as exactly how you want it to be!

Red should be used in a few little details in weddings

Yes, red can be used in a few details but only in the little ones. Let’s say you want to order your wedding cake with your red wedding concept but not so sure how to use the red colour in it. Instead of ordering a red cake – a whole red cake we mean! – go with a white wedding cake that has red roses on it – or any red flowers. A whole red cake would look a bit too flashy and it could even ruin all your wedding planning. A little touch of red will make your wedding look beautifully organized and still elegant.

You can ask four brides to wear red bridesmaid dresses

If you have a red colour theme for your wedding, then there is no harm in asking your bridesmaids to wear the same red bridesmaid dresses. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you can go with an entirely red dress, but if you want a little touch of red on the dresses, too, you can choose a white or cream bridesmaid dress that has beautiful red flowers on it. This will give your wedding day a springy look!

Red wedding bouquet? 

Yes, definitely go with it! You can also complete your and your groom’s look with a beautiful red pocket handkerchief. Don’t order an entirely red bouquet, but choose a white one with a few little red roses instead.

Red invitation cards will be remembered later on

Your invitation cards will be delivered to your guests earlier than your wedding day, but it will surely be remembered. Especially if you complete your wedding stationery with the matching items such as wedding menus, wedding programs, table numbers and a few other items too. Your red wedding will look fantastic with all these lovely details!

Red nails?

We would say “No.” Brides generally have the softest details on their look, such as french manicure, natural bridal hair or earthy tones on their bridal make up. So if you are planning to have a red nail polish or red lipstick on your wedding day, maybe you should think twice. If you still think these look fantastic on you, then they will surely be a perfect addition to your red wedding planning.

Red shoes?

Why not? As shoes can’t get to be seen too much, you could go with a red bridal shoe that will take attention and be a sweet detail in your wedding.

Ask your wedding planner to put red flowers on tables

You can ask your wedding planner to design a table setting with a little touch of red. Red roses will look perfect, but there are plenty of other red flower choices, too. You could check pinterest to get a few ideas on our red wedding table settings.

Need more advice? See our Red Wedding Ideas page on pinterest.

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New Collection: Floral Vellum Invitations

Floral Vellum Invitations… Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and minimal. Classic and timeless. With this collection, you can find everything you’re looking for in an invitation.

We created this invitation collection with the need of a floral addition to our vellum invitations as florals have been one of the best and long term trends in wedding stationery industry. As we prefer simplicity and minimality in our invitation designs, we stayed with calligraphy-only designs for a long time and with the need of a floral look, a new questions arose last year: Shall we include floral vectors in our collections?

Then some of our clients started e-mailing us saying “We really love your vellum invitations but can we use your floral patterns on the belly bands instead of the usual ones?” – And the answer was Yes, we would love that!

Our Vellum Collection is perfect for brides and grooms looking for the simplest and minimalist invitations, but for couples in need of floral invitations, we decided to create our Floral Vellum Invitation Collection.

As our aim has always been creating the best items for newly engaged couples, and staying in our own style, Floral Vellums have been the best for this need. They are still minimal, calligraphy-only designs, with the addition of lovely vellums and wax seals, but besides that, they now have a sweet touch of florals!

If you haven’t decided for your wedding invitations yet, if you have no idea which design will suite you best or which items you need, you can search on our Blog to see more information on wedding invitations.

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