Floral Vellum Invitations… Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and minimal. Classic and timeless. With this collection, you can find everything you’re looking for in an invitation.

We created this invitation collection with the need of a floral addition to our vellum invitations as florals have been one of the best and long term trends in wedding stationery industry. As we prefer simplicity and minimality in our invitation designs, we stayed with calligraphy-only designs for a long time and with the need of a floral look, a new questions arose last year: Shall we include floral vectors in our collections?

Then some of our clients started e-mailing us saying “We really love your vellum invitations but can we use your floral patterns on the belly bands instead of the usual ones?” – And the answer was Yes, we would love that!

Our Vellum Collection is perfect for brides and grooms looking for the simplest and minimalist invitations, but for couples in need of floral invitations, we decided to create our Floral Vellum Invitation Collection.

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As our aim has always been creating the best items for newly engaged couples, and staying in our own style, Floral Vellums have been the best for this need. They are still minimal, calligraphy-only designs, with the addition of lovely vellums and wax seals, but besides that, they now have a sweet touch of florals!

If you haven’t decided for your wedding invitations yet, if you have no idea which design will suite you best or which items you need, you can search on our Blog to see more information on wedding invitations.

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