Most couples might think invitations are the last part of wedding planning – not to mention that this is not real for some of paper addicts like us! – but as to be more realistic, your invitations should be ordered way before than you imagine.

It is because we are talking about paper card stock here, and sometimes they may need to be re-printed, sometimes they may not be in enough quantity – you may have more guests to invite than you thought and sometimes you remember an old friend you want to add to your list – and you may have to order another round of invitations which will be more costly, and besides all these, the earlier is always the best as most of the weddings are held in summer and your guests would love to know about your special day before planning their summer trips! So earlier is better when it comes to wedding stationery.

This is also another reason why we suggest you to send out your Save the Dates as early as you can and let everyone know that you are getting married.

Save the Dates help you a lot as they are a perfect way to tell people to save your date but you don’t have to let them know about the venue – you still will need to write the location, either it is in town or out of the town – and you will have more time to clear up your mind about the venue and either you will go with your favourite or more budget friendly one – or maybe your favourite one is the more budget friendly one, in this scenario, you’re the luckiest bride ever! – You will give your guests the venue details in your second invitations which will be your exact wedding invitations.

Choosing your wedding invitations might be a challenging task as you have no knowledge of any card stock or how your invitations will look in real with your names on it. At this point, we definitely suggest you to contact your favourite wedding stationer, and ask all your questions.

Is 300 gsm card stock is a good quality for wedding stationery?

Shall I order my invitations earlier?

When shall I order my wedding invitations?

How may additional invitations do I need to order?

What type of wax seals look best with this design?

Shall I include information cards too?

How long does it take to prepare a wedding invitation?

When will I be able to get my invitations?

We know you have many more questions in your mind and the best way to know all about these is to ask your questions to a professional, in this case to the stationer itself.

So get in touch with your favourite wedding stationer – hope this is us! – and ask all your questions. We stationers love talking about paper card stock, we love talking about the details, we love talking about invitation designs. And we are happy to be a part of your wedding day!

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