A beautiful hand-written calligraphy combined with borders around the text, Anna Grace Vellum Wedding Invitation is a perfect choice for spring weddings, summer weddings, and winter weddings, too. Its simple, minimal and elegant design creates a magical appearance and its look will brighten your wedding day.

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With its high-quality 300 gsm card stock, you will be very satisfied with it if you are looking for both elegant and rich-looking invitations. Vellums wrapped around Anna Grace, together with the shiny or matte wax seals, create a dreamy wedding invitation.

If you are dreaming about classic wedding stationery, elegant wedding invitations and if elegance is your primary thing on your wedding day, Anna Grace is the right choice for you. You can also use floral envelope liners to create a floral wedding invitation out of Anna Grace. Our Vellum Wedding Invitation sets consist of envelope liners, blank envelopes and vellum jackets altogether, but you can always customize them by excluding and including items from your order.

Take a closer look to Anna Grace Vellum Wedding Invitation or see Anna Grace Classic Wedding Invitations and add items such as envelope liners, vellum jackets, and wax seals.

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