Marriages are all about flowers and hearts; you look for a magical venue for your dream wedding, you try to find the prettiest wedding dress for yourself and you try to hire the photographer who will help your wedding look like Alice in Wonderland. So when it comes to your wedding invitations, what would you prefer?

Go for Simple but Elegant Wedding Invitations

The latest trends have been the simple but elegant wedding invitations in the wedding industry. Simple calligraphy with no more graphics, elegant and soft colours, minimal designs and elegant florals have been the most seen features of wedding invitations lately. If you are also looking for elegant wedding invitations, you have a few chances.

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Elegant Wedding Invitation Designs

Calligraphy only invitations are very trendy and they look good with almost every kinds of weddings. You are either a classic and traditional couple, or a modern one, invitations with a beautiful calligraphy and with no graphics could still be the perfect choice for you.

Floral Beauty

Calligraphy only invitations look perfect with floral envelope liners. If you think calligraphy looks a bit lame and you desire an addition to your wedding invitations, floral wedding invitations are a perfect choice for you. We have loads of floral wedding invitation optionsand floral envelope liners that you can add to your calligraphy only invitations.

Elegant Invitations Never Age

This is why we call them timeless, because they never get old! Even after 30 years, people will still think your invitations were pretty and elegant. Simple calligraphy and elegant floral liners will look beautiful even after many years.

Do Simple Elegant Invitations Sound Perfect for You?

Are you also a lover of simple things and would like to have elegant but simple wedding invitations? We have a few collections for you. Classic Collection for classic lovers and couples who look for simple but elegant wedding invitation, Floral Collection for couples who look for elegant wedding invitations with some additions like colour and florals, and finally our Vellum Collection for couples who look for elegant wedding invitation designs with some rich additions like vellums and wax seals.

What is your favourite?

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