Our new invitation collection has one of the most beautiful additions lately: Caroline Floral Vellum Invitations. Caroline is classy, elegant, minimal and very pretty with its beautiful floral belly bands and floral envelope liner details. The perfect choice for brides looking for spring wedding inspiration, Caroline Floral Vellum Invites are impressive with their bloomy look and soft pastel colours.

As with most of our invitations, you can customize Caroline Floral Vellum Invitations with different envelope liners and belly bands options to create a different impression. Darker colours on your invitations will create a stronger and more modern impression on your guests, while softer colours and floral liners will create a much softer impression. Caroline’s natural looking calligraphy detail makes it a perfect option for couples looking for classic invitations for their classic weddings, while its minimal design lets you have the contemporary soul in your invites.

If you cannot decide how your wordings should be in your Caroline invites, please check our invitation wordings suggestions.

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